Many times the icing on the cake, sometimes the biggest change, the proper use of plant material can completely give a new feel to your homes aesthetics. The use of the right plant material in the right place can make your home feel or seem larger, blend it into the landscape around it, frame it from the street, or help create curb appeal and a sometimes a much needed landscape makeover or landscape renovation. The use of fine textures, such as small leafed plants can make a small space feel larger and in contrast a larger leaf can cause a larger space to feel smaller. The use of color can create different moods within your landscape. Brights such as reds, oranges, and yellows have the feel of excitement, celebration, and joy. While pastels of pinks, purples, and blues can have more of a tranquil, calming and relaxing effect. Whites can add a pop to dark shady areas and make them feel brighter and bring more life to a space. In any case we will consider your architecture, personality and the mood or setting you are trying to create when planting.