The care or maintenance is the follow through of the whole project. It is where most designs are lost when improper maintenance is given and the original design intent is lost. Knowing the original design intent and knowing why it was built or installed allows us to maintain the original design.

Longevity, Interest, and Follow-through

Our greatest enjoyment upon project completion, aside from the initial delight we see in you, is the opportunity to watch your landscape and outdoor space mature over the years. Properly planned and designed landscapes should not grow old or overcome a space. We do not believe that your landscape should need redone every 5, 10 even 15 years for that matter.

However, we do believe proper care and maintenance should be given at least every month to ensure the original design intent is achieved. We also realize that subtle changes will need to occur and be developed to add new interest and to keep your space fresh and interesting. Our care program ensures that the original intent of the client, the designer and the design is maintained. As a result, your investment in your outdoor space is not lost but matures over the years.