George W. Brown Jr., BSLA, ASLA - Registered Landscape Architect, Owner

George truly enjoys a challenge. Whether it is an oddly shaped lot, the use of unique building materials or a problem that occurs on a jobsite, George meets each challenge head on. He thrives on unique project requests and difficult situations as an outlet for his creativity. If anyone says “it” can’t be done. George would disagree. His strong artistic vision and vast knowledge in construction complement his innovative way of thinking. Allowing him to approach each situation creatively, viewing the difficulty not as a challenge but as an opportunity.


George began his career before he knew it helping out in the family business, Superior Lawn Care. As a boy, he worked hand in hand with his father learning how to care for customers’ yards and riding along to help out wherever he could. He spent many summers working with the crews learning the importance of customer service and hard work. George enjoyed working with his hands and developed an eye for how things should look when a job is done correctly. He began to appreciate the process of taking an unattractive empty space and utilizing his creativity, problem solving and hard work to create something he could be proud of and others would appreciate as well. George knew he had found his passion for landscaping but also wanted to continue working in the family business. Clearly focused on his future goals, he attended West Virginia University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture. In order to further develop his skills, George worked as an apprentice for a Pittsburgh based Landscape Architecture firm. After completing the two year internship, he immediately passed the State Registration exam for Landscape Architecture. Becoming a Registered Landscape Architect meant he could return to the family business and continue to develop his hands on approach to Landscape Design and Construction. With loyalty to the family business, Superior Lawn Care (est. 1981), George branded his division of the company Superior Scapes, Inc. After several years working in the industry, he realized that he wanted to focus directly on the design/build aspect of the business. In 2010, he decided to change the name of the company from Superior Scapes, Inc. to Brown Design Group to better suit his company’s talents as a Landscape Architecture and Construction Firm.


George enjoys spending time with his family, being able to have lunch with his wife and parents on a daily basis, and praising God for his blessings and trials. In the winter he loves the challenge of double blacks, cruising blues with his wife, and trying to keep up with his kids on all the rest. In the summer he enjoys biking on trails and going for a swim.